28 Years Out – FLexercise Welcomes back Pauline Long

Have you been away from exercise for some time? Worried about returning? FLexercise welcomes beginners and returners of all ages. Pauline from Crawley Down has just returned to FLexercise after a 28 year gap! She’s loving our new brand and is pleased to be back.

Pauline’s Story

Hi, I’m Pauline, I was introduced to the Women’s League of Health and Beauty in 1972 by my boyfriend’s Mum Hilda Long. She had friend called Diane who had a daughter of 16 who was the same age as me and we all used to go to class together.

Back in the day it was quite regimented with a strict uniform IMG 5386of white satin blouses with a flap that went between our legs to keep it from coming out of our largish, black satin knickers. These knickers had a zip at the side, and showed off our bare arms and legs! Our warm up exercises included standing in lines and marching briskly around the room. Joining the WLHB helped me to move my whole body in a rhythmical way and the classes were good fun.

Unaware of the holistic benefits back then, I soon found out how beneficial it was to exercise in this way, have fun, body control, confidence, not to mention the social side of it; the International displays at The Royal Albert Hall and other venues, all of which made me feel great in every way!IMG 5387

Due to family commitments at the age of 32, I had to stop going to class. However, I knew in my heart that I would return one day. Sure enough, I have now recently re-joined FLexercise. I’m at the class my Mother in Law was still attending after 60 plus years of membership. She has now had to retire at the age of 90 but still runs upstairs!!

FLexercise ethos

I find that the class has moved with the times but has the same family ethos and enjoyment as before. Pauline Long And Melody 2It is so nice to have varied, modern and comfortable attire to workout in and the classes are not as regimented as of old.

I’m really enjoying doing the sequence class which certainly exercises your brain it’s also brought out my inner showgirl!

I’ve now have re-newed confidence. So, it’s goodbye to the shy wallflower I was at 16 and here’s to the new enthusiastic woman. Until whenever I can’t do it anymore and hopefully that will be when I’m much older!!

Thank you to the Women’s League of Health and Beauty,  I’m back and so enjoying classes with FLexercise.

If you’re looking for a fun, friendly exercise class go to our find a class page on our website.