Our unique classes are part exercise, part dance but all fun. In short, we offer a complete approach to fitness and mobility for all ages and abilities that will leave you looking good and feeling great.


Our mission

To promote health and wellbeing through the FLexercise system.

Our vision

To increase the number of people enjoying fitness through participation in FLexercise.

Our history

Everything we do is based on the FLexercise system, which was pioneered in 1930 by Mary Bagot Stack to energise and strengthen the whole body. She believed that the body works best when posture and alignment are correctly placed and the body is energised.

Mary’s inspirational vision quickly caught on. Within seven years, 166,000 women had joined her Women’s League of Health & Beauty. Mary died in 1935 but her movement thrived thanks to the devotion she inspired in her daughter Prunella and friends Peggy and Joan St. Lo who carried on her work with 50 centres across the country during the Second World War.

Five decades later, the Women’s League of Health & Beauty became the Fitness League in 1999 and became a founder partner of the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP) in 2006.

Today, Prunella’s granddaughter Saba Douglas Hamilton is our President and we continue to develop and deliver industry-leading health classes that embody our core principles of exercise, fun and empowerment.

Refreshed and revitalised for today, the FLexercise system is a winning mix of low impact physical exercises, yoga and movement designed to improve your posture, body alignment and balance, leaving you with more energy and a spring in your step.

Our continued popularity is a testament to Mary’s timeless recipe for classes – hard work, good fun, and sociable. Our members don’t just stay with us, they encourage their friends to come too.

Our brand values

We are:

  • FRIENDLY: We are welcoming and approachable. Providing support and encouragement to each other which in turn, helps to increase class attendance and spread the word.
  • ACTIVE: We are pro-active in our approach to classes always updating our skills developing the business.
  • INCLUSIVE: We welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, ability/ disability, race, colour or creed.
  • REWARDING: Our activity supports growth in terms of teachers and
    participants. Teachers help achieve improved health and well-being through their classes.
  • INSPIRING: We lead from the front with confidence and are role
    models for the organisation. Our heritage and wealth of experience makes us experts.
  • ENERGISING: Our classes are infused with energy which will keep participants engaged for years to come.


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