Back to School – Back to FLexercise

Back to FLexercise

As all the children plod back to school it’s probably as much of a shock to the parents as it is the children. Some parents and grandparents might feel relieved that the summer holidays are over but for many of us back to school means back to a routine for us too.

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Over the holiday period, it’s very easy to fall out of an exercise routine. Some of our FLexercise teachers carry on throughout the summer but some decide to take a break.

Here are some simple ways to get yourself back into an exercise groove.

Start somewhere

Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation. Autumn walkJust try a simple walk, the weather is changing but it’s still warm enough to get out into the fresh air and get your body moving. It doesn’t matter where you start, just start! Don’t say to yourself I need to lose weight or get fit first, just start! Even the fittest people find it hard to get back into their exercise routine, so don’t give yourself a hard time over it. Just do what works for you.

Have a plan

So you’ve started walking and you’re enjoying it, the next thing to do is to plan. If you don’t plan you’re never going to commit. How about committing to doing something two or three times a week? If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the thought of getting fit again, stick to doing something just once a week. You don’t have to slog away in a gym. How about a bike ride or a swim, or find a social exercise class in your community. Choose the days that you’re going to exercise and write it in your diary, but don’t put it off till next week. Start off small and tick it off your diary once you’ve achieved it. Having proof of your exercise journey will motivate you along the way. Thought Catalog 551737 Unsplash

Make it fun

If it’s boring and not fun you’re not likely to stick to it. If you love FLexercise go three times a week. Quite often it’s not what you do it’s how many times you do it that counts. How about grabbing a friend and taking them along with you? Together you can keep each other motivated and accountable.

Low-intensity workouts are the best way to ease yourself back into exercise. FLexercise is part dance part exercise and you can be rest assured our teachers will not throw a high impact workout at you. We will gradually build up your cardio, as well as working on strength, flexibility, and mobility.IMG 2463 (Edited) All our classes are social and fun so you’re bound to have a giggle whilst exercising. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to exercise or looking to get back into an exercise regime. One thing you can be sure of is that you’ll never feel intimated.


So are you ready? You don’t have to take on a marathon, just do something that you think is achievable as it’s time to get moving!