Balance for putting on clothes the FLexercise way

Balance is a key skill for putting on your socks (or undies for that matter)

We know that as we grow up, balance becomes more challenging. Actually, you don’t have to be grown up to have dreadful balance, there are many reasons for it.

So, we decided to look at exercises to help with balance to allow you to manage to put on socks and undies standing up!


Underwear or clothes of your choice (we chose socks)


This set of exercises concentrate on core, control, balance and strength. As with all exercise, you will need to practice regularly to keep up the skill. We call this ‘use it or lose it’.

First, make sure your posture is correct. So, stand with your feet hip-width apart, soften the knees and smoothly stick your bottom out. Then reverse the movement so your pelvis is really tucked under. Continue to do this smoothly to release all the muscles.

075A8004Bend your knees and stick your bottom out, in a squat position. Don’t forget to keep the abs and pelvic floor engaged. This will stretch your hamstrings and make the exercise easier.

The next thing is to put your spine into a neutral position. Think about this being your pelvis centrally placed with no sticking out of the bottom and no over tuck. Once in this position, pull in your abs and engage your pelvic floor. Make sure you don’t then over tuck your pelvis in an effort to pull the abs in further – it can happen

Shift your body weight towards one leg, then the other, making sure to keep the pelvis central and the abs in. This is the start of balance work.

Come back to the centre and slowly peel one foot up from the floor with soft knees. Hold your abs in and look ahead. Don’t forget to breathe or your balance will go. Repeat on the other side.

Continue to do this until you feel safe (you might want to start holding on to a chair)

075A8024Then you can progress to lifting a knee and flexing at the hip at the same time, so you are leaning forward whilst balancing. You may feel daft doing it but believe us when we say it really does help. Try dropping your arms down at the same time so you are beginning to train the body to think about putting on clothing.

Progress to using equipment. If you are finding it too much of a challenge, then add extra balance by leaning against a stable piece of furniture.Putting On Your Socks (FB)