Become a Fitness Teacher with FLexercise – Tania Sketchley

Have you found yourself stuck in a career you no longer have a passion for? Maybe you’re ready for a new challenge? Lots of people retrain in their 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s. New teacher Tania Sketchley tells us about her experience in starting a new career with FLexercise.

My journey with FLexercise

In 2013 I joined a FLexercise class in Marston Montgomery village hall, which was run by Patsey Cooke. I loved the combination of movement and dance she had some great music tracks and the class was so friendly.

Two years later, encouraged by Patsey and my husband I found myself enrolling for a teacher training course. There was a Sport England bursary available which helped towards the cost of the course which would take 9 months to complete, leading to a Nationally accredited Level 3 Certificate in Teaching Exercise, Movement and Dance to Adults.  075A7618 54

FLexercise is a great opportunity

Never in a million years did I ever envisage being a dance fitness teacher, and I have to admit my confidence was at an all-time low, the timing wasn’t ideal as my husband Sketch was going through treatment for Prostate cancer, but he was keen for me to do it and Patsey and the class were very supportive. I told myself that the opportunity was too good to miss!

 So the learning journey with FLexercise began

It all started with practical workshops and online flexible learning. There was video conferencing with Janice Gronow our trainer, she gave us so much support and kept me motivated. I had the opportunity to work at my own speed and the support was second to none and I achieved my qualification in December 2015. I was very fortunate as Patsey decided to retire and I was asked to take over her class. Tania Sketchley

Continual learning is so important, I regularly attend CPD courses. It’s essential to keep learning to bring fresh/new ideas to teachers and maintain interest for members, although it’s a standing joke with my class when I attend a weekend workshop, as members know I’ll bring back new exercise and dance routines. More work they groan! (They love it really!)

My class members are amazing, most of them have been part of my journey (which is ongoing) and I thank them for their encouragement and support. Each week is a challenge and I learn something new about teaching and people. It’s very rewarding when you see class members improve their balance, coordination, and fitness. Everybody enjoys the feel good factor that shared exercise brings. I would highly recommend taking a look at the upcoming courses FLexercsie are offering, they really are a great organisation. I feel very proud to be part of the FLexercise Family.Tania Sketchley 2

Would you like to teach dance inspired fitness classes? To find out more go to our website or you can email our training manager at hello@fl-exercise.com