Bath 2020 Celebrations are just around the corner- Cath Dey

Class member Cath Dey from Moseley Hill in Liverpool tells us how her FLexercise journey began.
My mum became a member of  The Women’s League of Health and Beauty in 1968. As a widow with 5 children, it was important that she joined a class and made new friends.
In 1973 I was 18 and mum said I should go to class with her as she thought I would love it. She was right. From day one I loved it and have been a member ever since.

Being part of a team

The teacher at Wallasey was Denise McDowall and she was so inspiring. Denise told me about The Royal Albert Hall celebration planned for 1975. She suggested I go along to rehearsals and see if I could take part. Denise boosted my confidence and with her encouragement, I became part of the team.
I say part of a team as the item was for 96 members! It was called ‘Agility’ and was taught like a military operation as 96 of us made patterns and kept straight lines.
I loved being part of a display team and will never forget what a breathtaking experience it was performing at The Royal Albert Hall. I was 20 back then and have taken part in every Albert Hall celebration since and this year I am in an agility item at Bath. Performing is a nervous experience but gives you a great sense of achievement.

Friendly & Supportive Members

During class we exercise every part of our body and this improves posture, balance, strength, flexibility, and co-ordination.
Learning an item improves your memory and the combination of music and exercise is invaluable for mental health along with fun and laughter when we make mistakes. Also if you feel tired taking part in a class boosts your energy.
With the support of lifelong friends I have made, going to class has helped me through some difficult times.
I have been a member for 45+ years and feel this is the best recommendation for anyone thinking of joining a class.
FLexercise combines a friendly social occasion offering exercise at all different levels.

90th Anniversary in Bath

I am so looking forward to going to Bath as there is a group of us going from the Wallasey class. Some of these members were mum’s friends when she was alive and I see them every week which always reminds me of her. We also have some new members that are coming along to the anniversary celebration and this is very encouraging.
Also at any of these celebrations, I get the chance to catch up with old friends that I have made when performing in items with them over the years.
If you haven’t tried a class I recommend going onto their class search to see if you can find one near you.