Changing a car tyre and Functional Fitness

The trials of changing a car tyre

Changing a car tyre is something many of us dread. There’s the faff of locating the spare in the dark recesses of the boot and working out how to jack up the car. Then there’s the wrestling with nuts previously put on by a Mr Universe. And finally the lifting off of the old tyre and replacement with the new.

Car wheels and tyres can be really heavy

changing a car tyre

A car wheel with tyre will weigh approximately 15kg . That’s 33 pounds or 2 stone 5.pounds in old money. Even if you have a space saver wheel as the spare, you will still have to get the old one off. So, it’s really important you look after your back when addressing said tyre. Of course, your roadside breakdown provider will usually be able to do the job for you but, as the Scout motto says…be prepared.

Your safety

Functional Fitness - safetyWe want you to be safe at all times. If you have a bad back then please don’t get involved in changing a car tyre. Additionally, 4 hands are better than 2, so it would be good to get help if you can.

In this blog we aren’t discussing the actual process of tyre changing. There are loads of video’s available online to help you. What we would say, however, is that if you are in any doubt as to how to do it, then DON’T.

There is also a very informative fact sheet on all things tyres on the RoSPA website https://www.rospa.com/rospaweb/docs/advice-services/road-safety/vehicles/tyre-safety-factsheet.pdf

No sexist agenda we promise

changing a car tyreIn this episode of our occasional Functional Fitness series, Marcus shows us a safe way to lift a car tyre. For those of you questioning why we have a bloke demonstrating this, there is no sexist agenda. He just volunteered (well actually we volunteered him!!)


Changing a tyre – the Functional Fitness bit

So, we’ve learned how heavy a tyre can be and we’ve done the health and safety stuff. Now it’s time to learn the technique of how to lift a car tyre. Remember, this technique is not exclusively for tyres. It can be adopted when lifting any heavy item.

Click the link below and start preparing your legs and core for heavy lifting.