Cheers to FLexercise – 90th Anniversary

In March 2019, Nicole and I were approached to choreograph an item from the North West for the FLexercise 90th Anniversary Show. We were both amazed and delighted! We thought we would be able to put our personal likes of exercise into a routine. However, that was not to be as the events team wanted our item to be fun, lively and with a carnival feel.

Although we both love upbeat music we found it more difficult to find a suitable piece of music. Our first choice was disregarded so back to lots more listening. We found a piece which we liked and luckily so did the organisers.

Nicole and I live quite a distance from each other so we had to find time to get together to put our ideas on paper. This was done at the end of May last year. After a whole 8 hours of sharing our ideas, plus moving and dancing we had the skeleton of a routine.  Rehearsals began in July and we did have some concerns as to whether or not we could get enough class participants involved. However, to our delight, we’ve had to change a few patterns as we have 4 more class members than we had hoped for, which is wonderful.

FLexercise Friends 

Members & teachers have been so committed and diligently turn up for rehearsals each month. We really enjoy getting together and the camaraderie is great. There are also class members who haven’t seen each other since our last show 2 years ago. It’s just wonderful everyone meeting up again.

We are so looking forward to the event. FLexercise is a fantastic organisation, and to think it started 90 years ago! FLexercise’s history is quite incredible.

Nicole and I would both like to thank the organisation for trusting us with this as we feel it is an honour.
We wish all the performers, members and audience a wonderful weekend.

Janet and Nicole

FLexercise 90th Anniversary Celebration Show – Turning Dreams into Reality, show tickets are available online at The Forum Bath.