Claire Tugwell

My Mother, Aunt and Grandmother started with the Women’s League of Health and Beauty, as it was then, in the late 1950’s.  I was taken to classes from the age of 3, continuing into my teenage years and then joining my mother and grandmother in class.  This is one of the things I love about FLexercise, three generations are able to enjoy exercising together. 

I did try some other exercise systems but they didn’t seem to have the same holistic approach and I kept returning to our system.

I started my training in 1994, initially, to improve my own work, as I was quite uncoordinated!  I didn’t think I wanted to teach as I was very lacking in confidence. However, by the time I had completed the training it was just what I wanted to do.  The support and friendship found during training encouraged me greatly.  This spills over into our classes and new comers are so welcomed by the class. It makes our classes stand out. It is what makes us special.