FLexercise with Cliff As If – The UK’s number one lookalike

How many of us wish we had the UK’s number one Cliff Richard lookalike taking our class? Will Chandler tells us how he came to be a FLexercise teacher.


For many people Monday mornings present all sorts of challenges that feel anything but inspirational. However, for me the opposite is true. In January 2017 I had the opportunity to take over a fitness class in Cromer.

The class had interviewed and auditioned several local female keep fit professionals for the post but no one managed to fit in. I was previously considered but my application had been put at the bottom of the pile. Having exhausted all the applications they eventually gave me chance and I won them over! So I took the class with great enthusiasm and also applied the FLexercise principles.Will Chandler

I’m pleased to report that they were bowled over and from that day the class became mine. So Monday mornings at 9:45 am in Cromer Community Hall is when and where it all begins. The inspiration that I get from teaching the class seems to rub off on those taking part. I have so much fun with this amazing group of people. They work very hard to achieve their goals and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Dance your way to fitness

The part the group like the most is the little dance routines that we put together. However, I do like to challenge them but it’s never complicated. I get them to suggest the way forward for the routines as we go on through the nine-week cycle. By doing this I really believe it gives them a sense of ownership. There are twenty-two members on my register and I regularly get fifteen.  FLexercise is not just for women as I have had a gentleman join the class and he has embraced all that we do.

Cliff As If –  UK’s number one lookalike

I’m a performer and have been involved with song and dance for as long as I can remember. My regular work is as a tribute act to Sir Cliff Richard and my act is called, “Cliff As If.” Cliff As IfThat all came about because the musicians that I worked with often used to refer to how much I resembled Cliff and would often shout out, “here comes Cliff… As If’. So my class think it is great fun to have a Cliff Richard lookalike teaching them and it literally has become ‘FLexercise with Cliff As If!’

Being involved with FLexercise has given me a chance to take people on a journey. It’s a journey of discovery by finding joy in exercising to music. I believe that they understand that it is not just about healthy bodies but minds too. I think that it shows on my face just how much I enjoy it and even after a long weekend of doing shows and lots of travel. Regardless of how tired I may feel the thought of teaching my FLexercise class is all the stimulation I need to face Monday mornings.

If your looking to improve your fitness without a competitive edge FLexercise could be for you. Go to our website today and check out our classes and our training opportunities.