Community is important to FLexercise. Ruth Elliot agrees

Our FLexercise community is incredibly special and it’s lovely to hear that participants are enjoying being a part of our organisation. FLexercise teachers work really hard to welcome, support and help participants to exercise with fun.

This month we hear from Ruth who is fairly new to FLexercise.

I started going to FLexercise classes last year. You can find several classes up here in North Norfolk on the website. My friends persuaded me to join and I was impressed by their recommendation and enthusiasm. The classes give every part of your body a good work out. We never leave feeling stiff or aching the next day but we know we have worked!

Our teacher Annamarie works us hard and sometimes we are left slightly out of breath. We get very warm, and at the end of the class, we go out positively glowing without being sweaty. Annamarie is great at making our brains work as well as our bodies. There are sometimes some real challenges in her class but I always laugh when I go the wrong way.

I always feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. It really is a tonic.

I like the way we are taught which muscles or which part of the body we need to engage so that we know we’re doing it right! FLexercise classes are a fun experienceIt’s noticeable how all the class seem to smile and laugh, even while exercising. We’re all in it together and there is a real community feel.   I never thought exercising could be so much fun! After a while, I really began to notice the difference in my fitness levels.  I can walk further, even up hills, without getting out of breath. Yes, we do have hills in Norfolk.

Would I recommend these classes? Definitely!