Coordination and Movement- ‘Principally Perfect’

What is coordination? It’s something that happens when you use two or more body parts at the same time to complete a task. It can be something simple as walking or as complicated as performing a dance. Every move we make requires the brain to send messages to our muscles. Just think about your favourite sports, the chances are, they require a good deal of coordination.

The cerebellum, which stands for ‘little brain’  is the primary centre in the brain for coordination for movement and the ability to execute smooth accurate motor response. In fact, the brain controls the whole show!


Motor Coordination

Generally, this can be broken down into three separate skills:

Fine motor skills: the coordinated movement of small muscles, like in the hands when writing, drawing, or using scissors.

Hand-eye skills: the ability of the eyes to coordinate visual information and direct the hands to perform a task. For example, catching a ball or hitting a ball with a racquet. Can you imagine the hand-eye skill needed for juggling!

Gross motor skills: the coordinated movement of large muscles, like the legs or arms, including walking, running, or dancing. It’s the gross motor skills we generally use in our exercise classes and there are some essential benefits in practicing and challenging ourselves. Most of the time our FLexercise movements involve different placement of all 4 limbs, which requires a lot of coordination. Our bodies move across all 3 planes; frontal plane, sagittal plane and transverse plane. We are basically 3 D dynamic beings. Practicing our movement coordination builds our body’s awareness and will help with balance, and flexibility. Reflex skills and coordination slows down with age so we need to keep challenging our brain and body to try new things.

FLexercise practices coordination

Coordination is the 4th Principle of The Bagot Stack System. Come along to any FLexercise class and you can guarantee we will get you practicing and sharpening up your co-ordination skills. Sometimes we use apparatus, throwing and catching balls, we’ll even get you balancing on one leg! CoordinationHave you ever tried this with your eyes closed? It’s a great way to make the brain aware of your surroundings, improve your confidence and your mental health. You become more aware of your body in time and space.

Agility and coordination will not only keep older-adults feeling good but also allow them to maintain their health and independence.

We have a variety of fun classes for every fitness level and our team of friendly Instructors will get you up and moving! To join a daily online FLexercise class simply email hello@fl-exercise.com