Frequently asked questions.

The teacher training course is a blended programme of home study with online learning before you get to put all your learning into practice! Please note; studying throughout the Covid 19 outbreak will be via virtual online learning.

You will work through a series of self-directed theoretical modules and worksheets, using the online portal.

There are two timed multiple choice exams.

LEVEL 2 – Principle of Anatomy, Physiology & Fitness

LEVEL 3 – Applied Human Biology for Exercise & Fitness

You will focus on the FLexercise principles either via virtual online group learning sessions or through 6 face to face practical training days covering the following:

  • Specific technical knowledge in the FLexercise System
  • Practical teaching of group exercise with assessment and feedback
  • Demonstration of appropriate and correct technique
  • Skills, knowledge and understanding related to teaching Exercise, Movement & Dance, within FLexercise
  • A series of video resources and library of work to kick start your teaching

During the practical based learning there will be intermittent group training sessions online. These sessions are a blend of group discussion and feedback on prepared teaching work.

You’ll take part in your summative assessment, the practical teaching exam.

As soon as you get in touch with us we’ll talk you through the details and then your dedicated Training Manager will help to enroll you onto the course through EMD UK, the National Governing Body for Group Exercise.

Please contact us mailto:hello@fl-exercise.com

EMD UK will arrange access to your online learning portal provided by our Awarding Body, Active IQ.

Both your course tutor and the FLexercise technical support team will be on hand to support and guide you.

With the nature of broadband in the UK, unfortunately there will be locations where high speed broadband service is not available. Having a reasonable internet speed will certainly improve your ability to quickly download music / filming of practice teaching and video conferencing via Zoom where we have face-to-face training sessions online.

Normally practical face-to-face training days start at 10.00am and finish at 5.00pm however this is negotiable depending on the distance students have to travel.

All our practical face-to-face training days take place at a set venue, of which there will be 6 in total.

It will be your responsibility to catch up between practical training sessions. Your course tutor will explain what home study and teaching practice sessions have been covered for that particular session.

In addition to the face-to-face practical training days, a programme of conference call teaching sessions is required via FLexercise’s preferred conference application called Zoom. Students will need to download the app from www.zoom.us – it is free and easy to use.

Your course tutor and the FLexercise technical support team will help give you guidance if you need any help getting set up.

During the practical based learning there will be intermittent group training sessions online. These sessions are a blend of group discussion, feedback on prepared teaching work and watching a series of training videos to supplement the face-to-face practical activities. The duration of Zoom sessions vary but are usually no longer than an hour.

Prior to each session you will receive an email with a link to invite you to join the call on Zoom which will bring you into the session.

Very often your course tutor may arrange a few individual Zoom calls to discuss your practical teaching in preparation and readiness for the summative assessment.

Video Conferencing – You will need to have internet access either via a computer / laptop or tablet.

Music System – To begin with your course tutor will have his/her music system for you to use ‘on course’ for practice teaching. You will have to eventually purchase your own portable music system with sufficient output for the size of hall. Necessary guidance will be given to help guide any future purchases.

Yes. Templates for the worksheets / Class Session Planning Template / Scheme of Work Template are available online. This makes the process simple for completing and sending in.

Ideally worksheets should be completed before commencing the practical training element. Occasionally, worksheets may be completed after the summative assessment.  However you will not receive your certification until all outstanding work has been successfully completed in the Active IQ Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP).

You can continue to accrue your practice teaching hours after the Summative Assessment. You will receive your certification once all outstanding work has been successfully completed in the Active IQ Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP).

A student can transfer to an alternative course within 6 months.  Failure to book onto another course within this timeframe may result in the loss of any monies paid to date. In the event of this happening both FLexercise and EMD UK will endeavour to work together to find a solution for a student to complete their training.

It is the responsibility of the course tutor to work with the student and EMD UK to find a suitable retake solution. Each retake has a £30 fee charged to the student, regardless of the number of exams taken in that retake (providing they are all taken on the same day). Following the failure of a 3rd retake it is the responsibility of the course tutor to agree and carry out with the student a learning evaluation and assess the next steps.

The student takes responsibility to address the areas identified on the summative assessment paperwork, along with the support of the course tutor.  The student will be offered the opportunity of a first retake of the practical summative assessment within a six month timeframe at no cost. More than one retake will incur a cost to the student.

To help support newer teachers in their fitness career, a discounted new teachers post grad CPD conference is held in Birmingham annually. This course is not only designed to further enhance your knowledge and teaching skills, it is also a wonderful environment to network with fellow teachers.

All FLexercise teachers receive an annual CPD bursary. In addition newly qualified teacher receive a training bursary which can only be used towards the cost of a course in the first 2 years of attendance.

FLexercise operates a career pathway. Both the Training Manager and Training Team offer support / guidance in:

  • – Teaching at regional and national CPD training days/courses
  • – Becoming a CPD trainer – delivering CPD sessions regionally/nationally
  • – Undertaking the Trainee Tutor programme
  • – Meeting the criteria for becoming an FLexercise Tutor for training students
  • – Delivering the training bolt on – Exercise Essentials
  • – Training as an Assessor / Internal Quality Assurer