Cycling – The benefits of a FLexercise lifestyle

Jane’s FLexercise lifestyle was key when she took up cycling                                       

At last, feeling rather excited and apprehensive at the same time, I went along with one of my FLexercise class members to join in with her cycling group. She had been badgering me for ages to go out with them. Wow, it was fantastic, why had I left it so long! The benefits of a FLexercise lifestyle

I had been a keen Liverpool Brisk Walker, but after receiving a few injuries over the years, I knew I had to look for a different type of activity. I really wanted this new activity to be outside in the fresh air.

Back on a bike

I know I am ‘reasonably fit’, as I have been teaching FLexercise for over 30 years. However, that’s when I am working with my feet firmly on the floor and not on two wheels. Was it too late to start cycling as I headed towards my sixties? Would I be able to keep my balance or would I fall off? It was brilliant, I felt as if I was miles off the ground. But I stayed upright and had an unbelievable sense of freedom and a feeling of liberation. My member said I grinned from ear to ear all the time we were out. As the saying goes I took to it ‘like a duck to water’.

My FL lifestyle had stood me in good stead. My balance was great and I had good strong leg muscles, which helped make cycling a joy. Not to mention my endurance levels that help me cope with the longer rides I sometimes do, especially getting up long meandering hills or the quick sharp climbs.

Becoming a Cycle Leader

Eventually, I decided to train as a Cycle Leader. Now take a group of cyclists out every Saturday morning, covering the road junctions and getting them across roads safely. IMG 3380This is social cycling and we always stop for a coffee mid-way to have a natter. In the summer, we have a blackberry-picking stop and this has come early due to the hot sunny summer we’ve had. No problem with stretching for the berries that are difficult to reach, my FL exercises have ensured that!

The countryside is waiting to be explored.

When cycling we try to stay clear of main roads. We take enjoyment in finding quiet roads and country lanes to ride along, visiting points of local and historic interestSpring16 (11)Like the beautiful Village of Hale, which is home to the ‘Childe of Hale’ and has a bronze statue of the 9’ 3” English Giant.  Sometimes I join in with the Liverpool/Chester/Liverpool 50 mile ride to raise money for charity, now that does take some endurance!

An FLexercise lifestyle seems to support and enable us to enjoy so many other activities with so much less stress.  It certainly makes cycling a positive pleasure for me, my cares and worries are blown away by the wind.

Wind! now that’s another endurance test for a cyclist!

If you’re looking for an exercise class to support your other sporting activities, take a look at FLexercise. We are inclusive of all ages and abilities.