Love your shape and the body you live in

Do you love your body? Rarely do I meet a woman who loves her shape. So many of us are trying to achieve the impossible look and I blame that on the today’s media. A poor body image can stem from advertising which is intended to make you feel dissatisfied with your appearance. That’s how they sell their products and that needs to change! How do you feel about your body shape? Right now I know I’m not going to get into some of my summer clothes, however, I’m working on it but I’m certainly not going to get hung up on it!IMG 2385

Be proud of your shape

We are all different shapes and sizes, some of us have big boobs or hips, some of us are slender and have a straight up and down figure. It’s mad to try to achieve a body shape that you can’t have. I’m now in my 50’s and there have been times in my life when yes I was very slim, to be honest probably too skinny!

I’m pear shaped, small on top with a very round bottom and large thighs. But I accept my natural body shape, I have a big backside and I’m proud of it. My weight goes up and down, a bit like my moods, that’s my age and frankly, as long as I’m fit I don’t care. Kokeshi 633703 1920So every day you have to tell yourself how beautiful you are and to look at the positive things about yourself and not to focus on the things we don’t like. Being beautiful is not about being skinny. It’s about having a healthy body to suit your build.

Strong women stay slim

It’s far more attractive to have a strong healthy body rather than a skinny one. Strengthening your core, building body mass is essential to staying healthy and strong. It’s always good to add some strength or resistance work into your exercise regime. Many of our FLexercise teachers use resistance bands or light weights in class. The benefits of resistance training are significant, over time your muscles will get stronger and they will protect your joints. People who participate in this form of exercise usually have an easier time moving through activities of daily living because their muscles move more efficiently. It can be rather tedious doing this activity in the gym. How about joining a social fitness class? It’s far more fun to achieve your goals with others.

So whilst my body shape is on trend I’m jolly well going to enjoy it. When it comes to self image lighten up and be willing to give yourself a little wiggle room. I’m going to show off my big peachy bottom and if skinny comes round again then who cares, not me because I love the body I live in!

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