Exercise – you’re always the right age to start

When is the right time to start exercising?

We live in an age of gyms, exercise classes and Government directives on the optimum number of minutes a week we should be exercising. But what is the right type of exercise for us? Should it be the same throughout life? Nobody likes to think of themselves as getting old, and just because we might be getting on a bit it doesn’t mean we have to give up on our exercise regime. It could be the perfect time to start one.

In our twenties the body is strong and usually has boundless energy, so thirty minutes cardio, endless crunches, using weights in one hand whilst keeping up-to-date on Instagram is quite achievable. Bruce Mars 556415Today, in the pursuit of the perfect body and the perfect pout, there is no end to what many will do. Fad diets, trendy exercise programmes, whatever the Kardashians do…bring it on.

 Should we still be doing the same type of exercise as we mature?

But what happens to our bodies as we get older? Are we able to do the same exercise as in our twenties or should we be looking to adapt our programme to be more sympathetic to our bodies?

Our thirties and forties are decades when many women opt to start a family. So being in optimum health before and recovering after the birth is key at this age. We are laying down insurance for the future. We want to ensure our bodies will survive for the decades to come. Many of us join a gym, take up running or challenges we thought were never possible. Tommy Lisbin 532997 UnsplashStill energetic enough to climb a mountain and yet old enough to take time to prepare for the challenge.

In our fifties and sixties, our health takes on a much greater emphasis. These are our later middle years. Menopause can take its toll. Our muscles can lose some density, posture suffers and our metabolism becomes sluggish. Most women gain a little weight around the middle, which impacts on posture too. We want to remain flexible, fit and mobile whilst having fun and working hard. Although we are able to do the same exercises as we once did, we may perform them in a slower more careful fashion. Cardio, weights and stretching are great ways to keep healthy and fit in these years.

 Seventy is the new fifty!

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When we get to our seventies and eighties we are looking to remain as active as possible, very few people want to slow down. We might not be able to do some of the things we once could, but we want to keep active. Mobilisation, stretching and balance activities are really great in these years. Although we may be a little slower we will still work hard, within our body limits.

Whatever the age, exercise is an important way to keep healthy and fit. We are never too old to start so why not find an exercise class today.