Family exercises together with FLexercise

One of our lovely photoshoot models Helen Pennington tells us how her family has been involved in FLexercise for many years.

My mother-in-law, Iris joined the League in the late 1940’s, attending the Norwich centre and then Brighton. She took part in many displays; in particular, at Hyde Park and Wembley. It must have been so exciting to be part of something so different.

Iris and I joined the Farnborough centre in 1973 where we also took advantage of the family holidays organised by Elizabeth Mallett at Prestatyn and Camber Sands.

When the Farnborough Centre closed we were able to go across to Guildford and join the members there. The Guildford centre is still thriving today and has the same family spirit that all FLexercise classes are famous for.

Iris died in 1982 but was still attending class right up to her death, a firm believer in all that the League stood for.

From Harrogate, to Chester, Bath, and Plymouth we have travelled the country demonstrating the system.  It has been such a privilege to perform the excellent work created by Margaret Peggie, Margaret McAllister and others.

And of course we must not forget Torquay members weekends run by Heather Jordan. These are fun from start to finish!!

The highlight of the demonstration calendar was always the Royal Albert Hall show held every 5 years. This drew together League members from across the globe in a festival of exercise, movement, family, and friendship.

I first took part in a Royal Albert Hall display in 1975 and have enjoyed taking part in every single one ever since. It is so thrilling to show what we can do in such a beautiful space. I particularly enjoyed demonstrating with my daughters Deborah and Emma.

During the 1980’s both Deborah and Emma came to class with us and when Emma went to Exeter University she joined the local League class. How wonderful that she was able to keep exercising with a system she knew well, so many miles from home.

On achieving an appointment in Oxford, Emma joined the local FL class taught by the lovely Lucinda. Emma now takes her daughter Katie to Lucinda’s Oxford class. Katie was desperate to join and attends whenever she can.

So now we have 4 generations of one family having attended or still attending FLexercise classes. I am so proud to know that when I am in my class, my daughter and granddaughter will be exercising in the same way. It really does show that the system works for everyone.