Family Fitness – Fun ways to keep the kids fit this summer

Do you find it a challenge coming up with new ideas on how to get the kids to get active in the summer holidays? It can be a challenge juggling work life and keeping the kids happy. And it’s never long into the break before they are saying ‘Im bored’  So we have come up with some top ideas on how to make exercise part of a family routine. The best thing to do is give them all a go and find what your family might want to continue doing.

Family Bike Rides

Family bike rides are a great activity that the whole family can enjoy together. It’s a great way to spend quality time with each other and get fit. The UK has some fantastic cycle routes, it doesn’t cost the earth, in fact, it’s free! There’s nothing better than getting out into the great outdoors and experiencing the sights and sounds of the countryside. If you’re looking to purchase a bike there are some great tips on choosing the right bike on the We Are Cyclying UK website. And remember always wear a cycle helmet.

 Roller  Skating

Have you ever tried roller skating? It does require some strength, balance and coordination but it’s such fun. Skating is a great lower body exercise, working muscles in your calves, quads, and glutes. Check out your local leisure centre as many of them run roller discos.  Children today need all the help they can to get fit and stay fit, so why not make if fun.



Splashing around in the pool especially on a hot summers day has got to be one of the most fun things to do. Kids love it! Being in the water and learning to swim builds children’s confidence plus it’s a great way of exercising. Learning to swim is valuable for the whole family but even if it’s just jumping and splashing around it’s still burning up calories. At the same time, it’s building strength in core muscles, tendons and ligaments around major joints. Regardless of the season, swimming can be done anytime of the year.

Ball Games 

How about getting the neighbours together for a once a week rounders evening or dodgeball. A tug of war would be really fun!  Social interaction with people in the street is the perfect way to spend a summers evening. It cost nothing, and it’s a great way of building community spirit and making friends. Just watch the windows!

Woodland Walks

When was the last time you took a walk through your nearest wood? It’s an exciting place for kids. How about building a camp, let your children lead the way, it will bring out the inner child in you! Climbing and swinging off of trees, playing hide and seek and collecting leaves, twigs, and cones which you can take home and craft with. Getting messy, spotting wildlife, there is so much to see, smell and do in the woods. The National Trust has the most beautiful woodland habitats, you can find a walk near you on their woodland walks website.

 Old School Playground Games

Hula Hooping, Skipping, Hopscotch, Stuck in the Mud, Piggy in the Middle and What’s the Time Mr Wolf! Do you remember all of these? How many of our children have played these games? In fact when did you last play a school playground game? Whenever you can get them off their screens and moving.

Be an active parent

There are lots of fun ways to stay active this summer, remember to have fun and encourage the kids as well as the whole family to get involved, after all, we should be doing 60 minutes of vigorous exercise a day. If you keep it up and when it’s time to go back to school not only will they feel more energised they’ll be ready to dive into all their school sports activities again.

With the weather being so changeable why not have a healthy indoor picnic, get the kids involved in making it. Our in house cook Melody came up with some great ideas for snacks. Click here for Melody’s Kitchen