Fit for golf?

We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and for those who enjoy a game of golf will know only too well, golf is a physically challenging game.

Millions of people enjoy playing golf every day and regardless of their experience, golfers search for different ways to develop and improve their abilities.

Many of our FLexercise class participants who play golf find our exercise system particularly valuable in helping them improve their overall physical fitness and performance.

It’s always rewarding to receive testimonials from class participants who have benefited from coming to a weekly FLexercise class. Here is what Bournemouth’s class participant, Margarette Bailey recently shared with her teacher Mandy Hill.

“I have recently joined a FLexercise class and thoroughly enjoy it. It is a fun way to carry out some serious exercise. An unexpected spin-off has been the improvement to my golf. I have played for a number of years but in recent weeks my tee shots are going much further than previously. I can only put this down to the shoulder and spinal rotation exercises we are doing in our Wednesday class. Great stuff! I have to thank our class leader Mandy Hill for the time and effort she puts in to preparing and presenting our fun but useful classes”.

Five areas you can address to help your golf game

  • Balance
  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Strength

Why is the FLexercise Exercise System valuable for preparing for the game?

One important factor that contributes to a good golf swing is not your shoes or not wind velocity, it’s your body’s alignment. Posture which is at the heart of the FLexercise system plays an integral part in playing golf.

Correct body alignment starts from the ground up, lining up your feet, hips, pelvis and legs can impact your gold swing.

Balance is important for day-to-day activities and helps to improve your core muscles. Golf is good at working the buttocks, lower back, and abdominal muscles. Focussing on these areas of the body will improve your balance and give your greater strength, mobility and flexibility. As a result, golfers are less likely to get injured. Much emphasis is placed on teaching balance in a FLexercise class. Any exercise that improves balance is beneficial, this is particularly important as you get older.

Having mobile joints and strong muscles will help you maintain your range of motion in joints that are integral to the golf swing. When the muscles are stronger, they will protect your joints for all the pressure a golf swing exerts on them. From a strength and power point of view, you want your shoulders to be strong. This will help you generate club head speed in many ways. Improved mobility will allow you to take a longer back swing, giving you more time to generate momentum and force in the downswing. Having strength in your lower body, core and upper body will keep you on the golf course for longer!

In this Daily Mail press article from the 1930’s, our founder Prunella Stack explains and demonstrates an exercise for golfers – the ‘Figure of Eight Swing’, rotation though the thoracic spine and hips. To think, these exercises are still performed in FLexercise classes today!

The last word

Research proves that golfers who work on their physical fitness are better players. Taking better care of your body can help your golf game improve by leaps and bounds, and don’t forget it’s great for your health as well! The best advice is always to take things slowly if you are thinking of taking up golf.

If you would like to improve your golf swing, why not try out a FLexercise class? One of the hardest things about exercise is sticking with it. However, if you make a commitment to improving your health and your golf game, you will see some great results that will make it worth it. Click on the link below to find a class near you.