FLexercise Apprenticeship Scheme

My journey to become a FLexercise teacher began in May 2022.  My story started when I arrived early to pick up my mother from her FLexercise class, a routine she had cherished for 20 years. Watching from the back, I felt a spark of inspiration: I wanted to not just join a class like this but teach it too!

Taking the first step was simple. I visited the FLexercise website, found the contact email, and soon, I was having my first Zoom meeting. Balancing a full-time job as a primary school teacher, I needed evening classes, and FLexercise accommodated this with flexible scheduling. I found myself apprenticing under an incredibly experienced instructor, learning from someone who had dedicated over 60 years to FLexercise teaching!

Though I loved sports from netball to Pilates, FLexercise presented a new, exciting challenge. It was initially daunting to step into a class with such experienced members and not having done these specific exercises before. But I embraced the ethos of FLexercise – focusing on posture, coordination, and balance. This approach felt familiar, akin to Pilates, but the dance movements to music added a delightful new dimension, enhancing coordination and memory.

As I apprenticed, my mentor supported me in planning and understanding the movements, routines, and music. The class members were incredibly supportive, too, offering patience and encouragement as I taught different segments like warm-ups, floor exercises, and cooldowns.

The journey also included attending CPD weekends, where I could learn from a community of FLexercise teachers. These sessions weren’t just educational but also incredibly welcoming, filling my ‘teaching toolkit’ with routines and exercises.

Alongside the practical training, I completed an online course in physiology and anatomy and a first aid course, essential for any fitness instructor. This theoretical knowledge underpins the practical skills, ensuring a well-rounded approach to teaching.

If my journey resonates with you, and you’re seeking a fulfilling path in fitness and wellbeing, becoming an FLexercise teacher might be your calling. It’s more than just guiding exercises; it’s about creating a space for health, joy, and community. Your journey can start today – a journey of personal growth, learning, and the joy of teaching others.

Find out more about becoming a FLexercise teacher and our apprenticeship scheme.

Mary Nethersole