FLexercise – How we have adapted our training

This year has certainly been a challenging time for FLexercise Teachers, with face-to-face classes no longer taking place, everyone has had to look at alternative ways to interact and deliver classes to their participants. So many considerations:  How will they help everyone stay active? How to retain regular attendees at class?  Will everyone cope with an online class? Where to go for advice and support?

FLexercise Support

Fortunately, there is always support from FLexercise, which meant we could keep on teaching! Either by sending out WhatsApp video work, YouTube, Facebook or opening zoom classes.

Classes are greeted with a warm friendly smile and, if the session is interactive, the chatting starts, eventually the ‘mute’ comes on and work begins.

But where does your teacher get her ideas from! In normal times, FLexercise teachers would attend national Teacher CPD Courses (Continuing Professional Development) for ideas and to stay up to date – but not this year! FLexercise realised it couldn’t sit back on its laurels, it needed to find ways to support the teachers: so Teacher CPD sessions moved online.

Zooming into a FLexercise Teacher CPD session

Teachers joining in with CPD sessions from their own homes. No travelling, no going out in the bad weather, cup of coffee at hand!  Oodles of laughter and discussion as we learn together and support each other. zHow good can this get! To gauge online interest, we piloted the first of a 6 weekly CPD Programme. What a success it was! Sessions had to be repeated such was the demand, and the Programme has continued on.  CPD Trainers are given internal training to help them deliver sessions effectively by zoom.

Why are the sessions so popular you may ask

Perhaps it is the choice of diverse subjects that are offered, which include both practical and theory: body alignment / posture / spines in motion / movement / strengthening / hip joint / core work / chair work / apparatus / planning / medical matters / healthy shoulders / balance / the power of rhythm / technology / managing Facebook  –  to name but a few!  These are what inspire our teachers and provide plenty of ideas to use in weekly classes.

FLexercise Family

FLexercise Teachers also support each other at regularly Regional meetings, which have continued this year by zoom, to discuss ideas with each other, find solutions to problems (technology and music often coming up!) and to generally talk and catch up and put the world to rights – wish we could! Other qualified fitness instructors are also encouraged to join our friendly supportive group by taking the one day FLexercise Essentials Course – no working in isolation when you’re a FLexercise Teacher!

We are always welcoming new faces to our FLexercise family. If you’d like to find out more or maybe you’d  just like a chat about how you can to take your business online in 2021 email us at hello@fl-exercise.com