Alison’s Tuna Pepper Family Favourite 

This is a favourite in Alison’s family and originally came to her from her mother-in-law who first found it on a Heinz tomato ketchup bottle, although we expect it has changed a little over the years!

Serves 4.


2 x  160g tins of tuna chunks in sunflower oil

1 good sized red pepper, de-seeded and chopped

2 good sized green peppers, de-seeded and chopped

1 medium-sized onion, skinned and chopped

3 tablespoons of tomato ketchup

½ pint of white sauce

Salt & pepper to taste

Optional: add some garlic and/or mushrooms


  1. Open one tin of tuna and drain off the oil into a frying pan.
  2. Fry the chopped onion and peppers, red and green make good colours but actually, you can use any colour.
  3. In a large saucepan make your plain white sauce (to keep this a little healthier, try using a ½ pint of milk and a tablespoon of cornflour instead of butter or margarine).
  4. When the white sauce is thick, stir in the tomato ketchup.
  5. Then open the other tin of tuna, drain off the oil and throw away, put the tuna from both tins into the sauce, chopping it up so it isn’t in large lumps.
  6. By this time the onions and peppers should be soft and cooked, tip the contents of the frying pan into the sauce; season as wished.
  7. Stir and heat up again.
  8. You are now done – serve with long grain rice for a hearty dish.
  9. Of course, you can do this as a cook ahead.  Warm it through in the microwave, oven, or in a saucepan; however, make sure you don’t overdo it as it will go very runny!

The perfect dish for busy families and family gatherings, just cook up a batch and heat it up when you need it.