Group exercise fun with friends- groupspiration

We’d like to add a new word for you in 2018. Groupspiration – the joy of exercising with others in group exercise classes. 

We live in a time of increasing technology and different approaches to health and wellness. From a continued love of hot yoga, right through to high-performance athlete programmes. Happily, exercise for most people doesn’t have to complicated. The simplicity, effectiveness and fun of group exercise continues to be one of the biggest fitness trends in the UK.


But why? What is it that makes group exercise so, well, time proof? In a previous blog we discussed why group exercise was for everyone,  https://fl-exercise.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=766&action=edit   so what is it about Groupspiration that makes it great?


Aerobic Exercise Public Demonstration02Indulge us for a moment and cast your mind back… Who remembers the simply fabulous Jane Fonda type workouts of the 1980’s? Do you remember the wonderful sight of those legwarmer clad ladies and gents marching in time in a step aerobics class? And why did they all wear belts and use so much hairspray? And the leotards……where did they go?


The point is that whether you were sweating it out in your spandex in front of the TV or with a group of friends there was something exciting and enjoyable about exercising with other people. And, in the 58 years since the rise of Jane Fonda’s Workouts, exercising with other people has continued to stand the test of time.


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Simply put it’s all about the supportive and inspirational environment formed when groups of people begin to exercise regularly together. Exercising with your friends is beneficial for your mental health.  http://jaoa.org/article.aspx?articleid=2661140  And it also creates a social atmosphere that allows you to try harder without the fear of failure. There’s nothing like laughing with friends as you get to grips with new moves.


We started our own group exercise classes 88 years ago and we’ve seen just how inspirational they are for all sorts of people, from all walks of life. We were seen as a bit of an oddity at the time, but our system soon caught on. Now look at the number of group exercise classes available, and we’re still going strong!

So, as we’ve been perfecting our own magic formula for a while now, we’d like to extend an invitation to you.

You Are Invited To Join An FLexercise Class1



Come and join us and see what all the fuss is about. Find your perfect fit for 2018 among friends.