Functional Fitness – climbing a ladder

What is Functional Fitness?

We really want to make to making exercise work for you. It’s all well and good being able to dance the night away in your stilettos, but if you don’t have the muscle strength to do everyday tasks it’s a bit academic. We like to call this Functional Fitness or FF for short.

Climbing a ladder

Functional Fitness - climbing a ladderIn this episode of our occasional FF series, Marcus shows us a great exercise for strengthening your legs for climbing a ladder. Why would you want to climb a ladder, I hear you cry. Well, you never know when it might be needed, so it’s a good skill to keep up. And just think, these exercises will also keep your legs strong enough to climb stairs. Remember that when you grow up – FLexercise has helped with your Functional Fitness.


Functional Fitness - safetySafety first

Remember, if you are climbing a ladder, it has to be on a stable base. And we would also suggest that you never climb a ladder without someone being at the bottom. If you are any doubt as to whether the ladder is safe, DON’T CLIMB IT  https://www.rospa.com/your-stories/may-2016/jason/

Functional Fitness exercise for everyone

Functional fitnessThis exercise isn’t just for us adults. It’s a great one for children too. Remember climbing into and out of bunk beds as a child? So why don’t you make it part of a game with your children or grandchildren? You could have virtual races to the top of a ladder and back. You could even adapt the exercise and climb the ladder on the floor. The principle is the same and it will be more weight bearing/challenging for your arms.


Tell us how you get on

Why not send us a picture of you having a go at this exercise. We would love to see it. But please make sure you are not balancing on a ladder when you take the pic!!! And you never know, you may feature on the Facebook page. Please send your pictures to us at hello@fl-exercise.com

Right -time to get cracking

Ok, reading and safety warnings done. Now it’s time for you to get going. Click the link below and start working those legs. https://fl-exercise.com/wp-content/uploads/Functional-Fitness-Climbing-a-ladder.mp4