Want to feel more energised? – Exercise

Here we are sat on the sofa with the remote in one hand and our device in the other. We’re probably watching the latest ‘How to lose weight well’ programme on TV, whilst googling local gyms with the intention of starting a new health kick soon. January can feel like a slow drawn out month. Lots of us are trying our best to feel good about ourselves. We want to feel more energised and looking for the motivation to get fitter and healthier.

Beat the January blues

Some of us might have already joined a gym or started going to a local fitness class. The booze might be off-limits as it dry January and meat is off the menu as it’s also Veganury! We are bombarded with the latest fad diets, knowing we’ve got to look good by the summer as the holiday adverts are on every five minutes. Elizabeth Lies 6702

But some of us just want to hibernate for the rest of the winter and return to the world once spring has sprung on our doorstep.

If you want to beat the January blues and feel more energised then start exercising. You may ask does regular exercise make you feel more energised? Yes, it does! Firstly it improves your sleep. Achieving quality sleep will make you feel more energised during the day. Exercise also enhances brain cognition and this has to do with blood flow.

The Science


Jared Sluyter 302617Research shows that when we exercise, blood pressure and blood flow increases everywhere in the body, including the brain. More blood means more energy and oxygen, which makes our brain perform better and therefore we will feel more energised and brighter. You’ll notice after your workout you’ll probably have more energy to take on day to day jobs. Hey, it might even improve your sex life!



The reality

Do you find it difficult to exercise regularly? Maybe the thought of buying the latest fashionable active wear is putting you off? Perhaps the current trend in exercise equipment and weird genres of exercise are causing concern? But, you buy some kit and off you go, feeling the part and ready to take on the world.

A few months in the fancy leggings have hardly been worn and the cross-trainer is now being used as a clothes hanger! Sound familiar?

To get into a new exercise regime I suggest joining a friendly fun exercise group. Its proven that people get a lot more out of exercising when they are part of a group. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore it should be fun!

Get energised with FLexercise

FLexercise is for everyone. We work the whole body, the system we teach provides all the building blocks to help you look good, improve your fitness and energy levels. You’ll leave the class feeling great.

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A regular exercise habit can help keep you sharper into old age. And gives you more energy to take on the day. So, no more excuses. Why not get off the sofa and start exercising today!

Our fitness journey started 90 years ago! Read more about FLexercise story.