Glutes, abs and hamstrings for the New Year

Have you wondered how to improve your glutes, abs and hamstrings? In the latest of our functional fitness sessions, FLexercise tells you how.

Christmas is long gone, but here at FLexercise HQ we are still mourning the loss of our waistlines. A couple of weeks of self-indulgence plays havoc doesn’t it?  Those jeans, once so comfy are now a tad snug.

In the early days of the New Year, the internet was awash with fad diets and promises of shedding ridiculous numbers of pounds and inches. Have you noticed how that has tailed off?

So, we thought now was a fabulous time to post our legs, bums and tums tips. Let’s aim to get back into those skinny jeans in time for Easter!

Can we start by saying exercise alone is not going to shed the excess? Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet has to be a given. Armed with that public information message, let’s get down to working those glutes, abs and hamstrings.

For this exercise you will need to be wearing something comfy and have a mat to lie on.

glutes, abs and hamstringsStart by making sure your spine is in neutral – hollow your spine to make a big gap, then flatten and imprint your back into the floor. Repeat this a few times to mobilise your spine and then settle it half way between the two.

gluites, abs and hamstringsNext, it is time to think of your core muscles. Draw your navel to your spine without flattening your back, and at the same time pull up your pelvic floor. Hold this position for 10 then release slowly (do remember to breathe regularly). Repeat this exercise ten times, making sure the work is coming from your abs and pelvic floor and not from tightening your bottom or thighs.

075A7960Next, strengthen your thighs, core and glutes by keeping your spine stable, pulling in your abs and engaging your pelvic floor, then lifting your hips and spine up into a bridge. Do take care not to arch your spine and stick your chest out. Hold for 10 and reverse slowly. Make sure you come down to lying in a controlled way or you can wave goodbye to your coccyx!! Repeat this exercise 10 times, and remember it is slow and controlled.

glutes, abs and hamstringsRepeat that movement but this time take your hands back behind your head to the floor, hold for 10 then recover the arms and bring your back to the floor. This is very strong and you really do need to keep your abs pulled in. Try to also not pull your shoulders up to your ears.


Finally, stretch your hamstrings by lifting one knee to tabletop, holding underneath the knee and drawing the leg towards the should. Breathe for 10 and then slowly release. Repeat on the other leg.



You will find that FLexercise teachers all over the country are teaching this sort of work in their class. If you like what you see then go to https://www.fl-exercise.com/ and find a class near you.

Happy exercising from all of us at FLexercise HQ. x