Parkinson’s will not beat FLexercise member – Graham Skinner

Parkinson’s will not beat me

This month we recognise Graham Skinner as our June Member of the Month. He’s a warrior with a positive mental attitude towards his Parkinson’s.

Graham, now 72 and a PWP (Person-with-Parkinson’s), has found that being as mobile as possible keeps the worst effects of his symptoms at bay. Unfortunately, early last year arthritic pain in his right knee was severely restricting his FLexercise programme. It also reduced his regular golf to only 9-holes a week at best. He could feel every day that Parkinson’s was starting to win again.

However, with a full right knee replaced in November, he has recovered. This Spring he was back to whole rounds of golf and keenness for his full exercise class again. He says that ‘This was quicker than predicted by completing diligently over the Winter all the post operation physio. I also worked up my overall level of fitness at home, then easing back into the encouragement of group exercise classes’.

For PWP, Graham recommends an exercise regime with big, crisp movements of the whole body, hands wide open, and plenty of challenges to balance and posture. Do what you can with vigour, walk tall and don’t let Parkinson’s scrunch you up! It works for him and hopes this will keep him swinging at the Beaconsfield golf club without the need for a buggy for many years yet.

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