On Yer Bike! – FLexercise teacher Abi Bly

Have you recently dusted off your bike? Since the lockdown cycling has doubled and retailers have seen an increase of 500 percent! Abi Bly, a newly qualified FLexercise teacher shares her renewed passion for cycling.

Dust of your bike

Hi, I’m Abi, I currently live in Somerset with my partner and dog, and I have a little baby girl due in October. Last year I trained to become a FLexercise teacher. I’m following in my mum and grandma’s footsteps. I had so much support from family and friends, and of course the training team. In January I launched my first FLexercise class. However, due to being pregnant during the Coronavirus outbreak and needing to shield, my classes came to a halt so we decided to take up cycling. We’ve ditched the car, dusted off the bikes, and headed for the glorious views of Somerset.

Lockdown has shown us the true importance of exercise for our mental health and cycling has been our way to do that. My partner and I hop onto our bikes several times a week with our little dog (Bobby) in the front basket and a picnic in the rucksack, and head for the river where Bobby then runs alongside us. We sit in the sunshine, taking in the view thinking of how lucky we are to be able to enjoy where we live. Meanwhile, there’s Bobby, slurping the water from the river whilst my partner cracks open a beer for himself and I’m munching away on carrot sticks and salad cream (baby girls cravings!).

Biking for pleasure or as a workout?

For us, we have found so many benefits to cycling. Firstly it’s low impact, which was important for my partner as not that long ago he had an ACL reconstruction. During the early stages of the pandemic, cycling has been the ideal way for us to keep fit. We’ve been able to take it at our own pace. However, if you want to you can make it more of an intense workout, you could hit the hills. Also I see more and more people riding around town, which has to be good for our environment.

Get on yer bike!

Like everyone, being stuck in isolation for the last 12 weeks has been incredibly hard as I’m sure many of you have found. Getting out on the bikes for a change of scenery and escaping the four walls to get fresh air has helped my mental health.
When you are cycling you are using all major muscle groups and this gives the body a really good workout. It improves our cardiovascular fitness, our strength, and our balance! It covers all the important factors in keeping fit and healthy

If we can take a positive from the pandemic, it’s seeing so many people on bikes. So why not dust off yours, or invest in a new bike and start exploring the great outdoors.

For more great information on getting out on your bike, follow Cycling UK

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