How to survive the Christmas excess.

Christmas excess, don’t you just hate the lumpy feeling it can bring?

christmas excessTis the season to be jolly, let your hair down, eat, drink and be merry! We all enjoy the fun December brings, and the excesses of overindulgence can sometimes get a bit, well, too much.

Did you know the average Brit consumes over 5,000 calories on Christmas Day which would take the equivalent of two marathons to burn off? This is more than twice the recommended daily allowance for both men and women.

Due to the hectic run-up to Christmas maintaining your fitness regime is one of the hardest things to do. It tends to take a back seat resulting in New Year resolutions to get fit and lose weight. But, with a bit of planning, it’s possible to avoid the dreaded festive bulge.

Enjoy the festivities, set yourself some realistic goals whilst staying fit and healthy.

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Everything in moderation
Royal Mint Christmas Pudding Cut

– First of all, it’s tough watching calories when knee deep in all the goodies Christmas brings. Christmas pud and mince pies are delicious but also high in calories. So why not try a smaller serving and add creme fraiche rather than cream or brandy butter.


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– Another simple way to cut calories is to use a smaller plate. For the healthy option pile on the protein and fresh veggies avoiding foods that are processed because these tend to be the Christmas excess major culprits!



Pexels Photo 712324– Christmas excess doesn’t only apply to foods. When it comes to alcohol remember that it is more slowly absorbed after food, so eat something before you enjoy some wine or cocktails, focusing on olives and nuts rather than crisps.
– Drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks. It helps to take the edge of that hangover!


2. Get active
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-Go for a short, brisk walk, or a long, leisurely stroll in the cool air or get pedalling on your bike. This will get your heart and lungs going and help aid digestion. Just don’t forget to take the family with you!



Greenwood 32768 Edit-If you enjoy regular workouts, plan in some shorter exercise sessions. Include a warm up followed by exercises stretching and strengthening the main joints of the body. Whilst doing this focus on your posture. Standing up tall and upright can knock 10 years of your age! Check out last week’s blog which highlights posture is for life and not just for Christmas. https://www.fl-exercise.com/posture-is-for-life-not-just-christmas/ Don’t forget to include some cardiovascular followed by a cool down.
Remember, a little exercise can go a long way to help you feel tip-top and the amazing thing is you’ll still be burning calories hours after you have stopped working out.

3. Don’t forget to sleep
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Getting enough sleep is an essential part of being healthy. Our bodies use this time to magically repair whilst we doze. Try not to let watching the Christmas box set become too much of a habit. ‘Strictly’ will be there in the morning.


4. Shutdown social media
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Out of all my top tips, this one may be the trickiest of all. Use this festive break as a chance to reconnect with friends and family because that is more important than Facebook. You can always post your Christmas jumper snap on your way back home if you’re really desperate.


5. Create a vision board
Inkedfridge 2827034 960 720 LIFinally have a photo of yourself in good shape or of someone you admire somewhere prominent, such as on your fridge door. In addition write your goals down and read them everyday. Use it to remind you of your goals and the rewards you’ll give yourself  if you stick to them.

Remember, Christmas is a time to enjoy spending with family and friends. Most of all it should always be enjoyable, not a time when you worry about every single thing you’re putting into your body. We are allowed to indulge in a little Christmas excess.

But, a few sensible eating strategies together with maintaining an exercise regime can still pay dividends, welcoming the New Year in good shape.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas, make sure you keep it healthy, happy and finally most of all, enjoy yourself!