Inactive Exerciser or Active Exerciser

Do you consider yourself as an active or inactive person? Did you know that an Active Exerciser is someone who does physical activity 5 times a week and has been doing for the last six months? Here we are going to look at how we can get you from an Inactive Exerciser to an Active Exerciser!

Exercise can make us feel energised https://www.fl-exercise.com/getmoving-feel-energised/

Where do we start?

To become an Active Exerciser there might be some changes you’ve got to be prepared to take.

I would say if you’re inactive right now you’re probably not even planning on doing any exercise for the rest of this month. I’m also guessing you might be thinking about starting some active exercise in the next few months. You’re probably thinking you’ve got time, we’ve only just had Christmas, it’s still the winter. Maybe you’re someone who’s planning to start some active exercise soon. You’ve joined the gym or found a group exercise class that you like the sound of and you might try. But you’re still thinking about it. Perhaps you’re already exercising. Once a week you have something planned and you might walk the dog every day.  You know you should be doing more, so can you really call yourself an active exerciser?

Have a plan Pexels Photo 332826

Without a plan, you’re not going to end up doing anything. I suggest buy yourself a notebook and write on it ‘In six months from today I will be an active exerciser’ Keep a diary of your daily active exercise. Here are some ideas to get you moving.


Get up twenty minutes earlier and start with a walk. This will get the blood pumping through the body and will set you up for the day. If it’s raining have a set of daily exercises you could do inside, 10 minutes that’s all you need.  Decide what sort of exercise you’ll enjoy. It’s not about being a weekend warrior and going all out just over the weekend. Pexels Photo 264073When was the last time you got on a bike?

Experts suggest we should be doing 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity a week. On top of aerobic activity, we should be doing strength exercises. So sadly we can’t really count doing housework or gardening in our weekly goal of being an active exerciser.

The main reason people are inactive is lack of time. If life is too busy and work schedules are too hectic then maybe the best way forward is to have some exercise equipment at home. Have you thought of finding a social support network to get you active? There are plenty of park runs up and down the country and a whole genre of classes you could join.  Exercising with a group is so much more fun.

Greenwood 32870 EditSome FLexercise members come to at least 2 classes a week. They play golf, belong to walking groups. Some play tennis, some swim. So no more thinking about it, get some get up and go and get active!