International Friendship Day – FLexercise Friends

On International Friendship Day we have a wonderful story about two women from opposite sides of the pond.


I joined FLexercise in 1980, and have been an active exerciser with them ever since.  Then COVID -19 happened and we ended up in a lockdown, how was I going to get my daily exercise? I need not have worried as FLexercise launched its live morning Facebook streams. Monday – Friday FLexercise sessions saved my sanity and gave me a structure to my days.
Old friend’s names popped up on the screen daily, it was so reassuring to know that they were well and having fun too. The ‘Me@3’ class was simply lifesaving! I needed to share this joy and I knew just the person, my daughters-in-law’s Mom in the USA!
Elizabeth (Betsy) could be my twin! We share so much together, our wonderful children, grandchildren, and the BEST of friendship. Having so much in common, we talk to each other regularly over facetime. If we lived in the same country she would be my sister. It was time to share FLexercise Me@3  – which is 10 am in Massachusetts USA. What fun and joy to share this with her I knew she would adore the benefits from this regular class and every Tuesday we were united in doing the same thing at the same time an Ocean apart. Thank You to the Delightful Teachers at FLexercise for bringing us together. My friendship with Besty is so special, As the song goes ‘We Are Family’ and I’ve had my soul sister with me along the way.


I first heard of your program through Jeanie, our son-in-law’s Mum in England. She told me the history of the organisation and how many Mums and Daughters over the years have enjoyed it.

As we hunkered down in the US, Jeanie shared that your programs were now available online. We decided that we would both try to do the Me@3  session. Oh, what fun! we were both exercising on the two sides of the pond. Besty in USAYour online sessions have enabled me to get in better shape and share this experience with Jeanie. Covid-19 has taken away so much from all of us. FLexercise has been a joy! It gave me structure and something to look forward to.

I love seeing where everyone has signed in from! Learning new techniques, dance, the FLexercise teachers and the music have all been a pure delight. Thank you FLexercise for providing this Grammie from Massachusetts with a wonderful experience during the lockdown of Covid-19. With three grandchildren ages five, two, and one, flexibility and movement are crucial to keeping up with the little balls of energy!

FLexercise Friendship

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