Ireland to wow the crowds at Bath 2020 celebrations.

Ireland will be joining the FLexercise fun in Bath at the Forum theatre on 28th March 2020. FLexercise has a worldwide reach with classes in South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland.

History of FLexercise in Ireland

It could be said that the League started in Ireland because that is where Mary Bagot Stack was born. Her father was a doctor, then a dentist, who founded the Royal Dental Hospital in Dublin. Shortly after the League took off in England, a course was set up in Dublin to train Irish teachers.  Classes flourished under the name League of Health because the authorities disapproved of the word ‘beauty’.  They also banned the iconic Leap logo, for not being modest!

Ever since there has been close professional contact between our two countries from which lasting friendships have developed.  50 teachers and members will be making the journey over the Irish Sea to be part of the celebrations.

Teacher Valerie Williams takes up the story.

Ireland to wow at Bath 2020Our item is entitled ‘Musicbox’, and the choreography is inspired by two bars of the introduction of “Ancora non sai”.  We heard it and just thought of the mechanical winding-up of a child’s jewellery box. I have such fond childhood memories of the delight in opening the jewellery box containing a Ballerina who turned while the music played.

The team consists of 16 members and 4 teachers. Four of our team members are past pupils of Alexandra College Dublin, where Mary Bagot Stack was educated. She would be very proud of them.

I love teaching my classes and it’s a joy to spend time with fellow teachers Judy and Yvonne during rehearsals. Last year we all celebrated 25 years of teaching for the League and look forward to many more.

We can’t wait to see their item and we’re looking forward to welcoming our friends back to the UK.

For classes in the Republic of Ireland please visit http://www.thefitnessleague.ie/

For classes in Northern Ireland please visit  https://www.fl-exercise.com/find-a-class/

To book your tickets for our Bath 9th anniversary celebrations show please visit https://www.bathforum.co.uk/Publisher/Article.aspx?ID=558473