January and beyond

It is possible that January isn’t the most popular of months, it can on occasion be gloomy and sullen. However, coming as it does at the start of a new year, it is a month traditionally earmarked for setting goals and for taking on new challenges.

Adverts for gym memberships and slimming clubs abound and magazines are full of articles about diets, makeovers and exercise regimes. It can be quite overwhelming. Motivation is key and if you want to get in shape whilst fundraising for a charity close to your heart, there are numerous options available throughout the year – challenges which might involve walking, jogging, swimming, sit-ups, squats or growing a moustache!

There are plenty of small, less dramatic changes that will make a big difference over time. Swapping a fizzy drink for a glass of water, taking the stairs instead of the lift, going for a walk, putting on some music and having a dance, making a healthy meal (eat a rainbow), having a break from devices and getting to bed earlier – take your pick!

If you want to bring more activity into your life, and like the idea of exercising to music, FLexercise is just what you are looking for. A typical FLexercise class will blend exercise, movement and dance with a strong focus on improving overall posture, core strength, body alignment and balance. Classes are fun, non-competitive and friendly. They are classes you will want to return to for more, with your friends!

Find flexible, friendly fitness with FLexercise.

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