Our FLexercise community is incredibly special and we’re constantly reminded of how extraordinary our members are, so each month we will be telling you about someone who has really inspired us and reminds us all just how important we are to each other.

This month, we have chosen to share Joyce McKinley’s story. She’s a member of Alison Bailey’s FLexercise class in Ruislip/Eastcote. Here is her story, as told by Alison:

Joyce McKinlay was taken to her very first class by her mother in 1947, she was just 17! Joyce has been attending the same class (Ruislip/Eastcote) for almost 70 years.

Joyce is an inspiration to us all, she is graceful, strong, agile and a dedicated class member. If ever you want an example of how our system of exercise has had a positive impact on the body and mind, this lady has it all. Joyce will tell you having an active healthy lifestyle and coming to class regularly has kept her young and fit.
Joyce has taken part in numerous Royal Albert Hall shows, every Christmas class she still models a skin-tight leotard which she once performed in and it still fits her!

When new class members join us she welcomes them with a friendly smile always chats to them and makes them feel at ease. Recently a new lady joined us and her words to me were “This is the class for me as I want to look like that lady when I’m older” and she pointed at Joyce.

I admire this lady, her zest for life, her glamorous style, her ability to move with the times, and that she refuses to wear Hotter shoes and will only be seen in heels! (her words not mine)…