Just the class for me!

Most of us are well aware of the many health benefits of exercise, but finding a discipline that suits you and then sticking with can be a challenge. Read Dinny’s story of how she plucked up the courage to take part in her first FLexercise class.

I was needful of a bit of lightness in my life – a bit of laughter, and light-hearted but effective exercise to repair and maintain my not so young body and mind after 40+ years as a family carer for our daughter who was born with a severe learning disability.

Years filled with caring, hospital visits, voluntary work, fundraising, feeding into Learning Disability forums at national and county level, involvement in running our local group, inspection visits to providers for the Care Quality Commission, and speaking at NHS staff induction days. All important but also rather serious and responsible, trying to push forward services for people like our daughter who are not able to speak up for themselves.

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed sport and exercise. In mid-life it was tennis, golf, gardening and yoga, but as a more mature lady I was looking for something that fitted in with my present life. How excited I was to find out from a friend about FLexercise classes – something for the over 50s. I recalled my mother having had a rather racy pair of fitted, black satin pants she wore to ‘The Women’s League of Health and Beauty’.

I plucked up courage and went along for my first free trial class. Thankfully there wasn’t a bit of black satin on show – just loose-fitting clothes were worn. The music began and so did the movement. To start with it was surprisingly puzzling but soon I began to get the gist of what to do. It was great that nobody appeared cross or judgemental when I went left and everyone else headed off right!

All were very welcoming. It was delightful to find that the class was just what I was looking for – active and enthusiastic with plenty of jolly music and laughter as well. We focussed on inner core, posture, balance and movement with some dance thrown in. It is difficult to describe all that we do in class but I can certainly say that it is great fun and a joy to move.

I have been attending Heather’s class in Bideford, Devon for several years now and my first reaction is still true. It seems to be all the more important, the older one becomes, to keep on moving and keep cheerful as well. ‘Proper Job’ as the Devonians say!

During Covid lockdowns Heather managed to keep us busy and active with a class on line – my husband even gave it a go.

Heather’s ‘tips’ get passed around the family and cause much amusement. For example: ‘pick a door in the house and each time you go through it reach up and touch the door frame with alternate hands’ and ‘whilst you are waiting for the potatoes to boil …’ and the one about pushing a trolley around the supermarket taking some walking steps backwards as well as forwards!

Things for everyday and class every week – wonderful!

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