Keep it in the Family – Happy Mother’s Day

Mother and Daughter Janet Tate and Nicole Butlin team up and tell us how they both became FLexercise teachers.

Janet Tate

I have been an FLexercise teacher for 27 years, a tutor for 10 years and an assessor for 5 years. My journey began as a toddler in Blackpool’s children’s class. Mum took me along and I absolutely loved it! We often performed in shows at the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom. In 1963 we moved to Cheshire with my father’s work.

It was then I was diagnosed with a hole in the heart. Unfortunately, this prevented me from exercising for a while, I underwent an operation to repair this in 1964. As an adult I attended many fitness classes then one night a friend asked me to join her at a class she was attending, it was a Women’s League of Health and Beauty class. I loved it from that first night. I was a member for 10 years before I was approached to train as a teacher.

Back then it was a 2 year training programme, which was difficult as I was working full time and I had two small children. Looking back I remember my tutors being extremely supportive. Once qualified I opened my own class and took my daughter along during holidays. I love that Nicole and I have this common interest that we can share and enjoy together.

Nicole Butlin

My love with FLexercise started when I was young. It wasn’t long before I became a junior member at the Warrington Cheshire class and I watched my mum train to be an FLexercise teacher. I remember her diploma day and thinking it was so special, we were so proud of her as a family. I set my sights on doing this one day! School holidays were always fun for me as I was allowed to go along to Mums classes.

Following in Mum’s footsteps

As soon as I was old enough I became a regular attendee at my Mum’s two classes. At the age of 15 I was chosen to be in my first ever Royal Albert Hall show. Then at 16 I was lucky enough, alongside Mum to be chosen to be part of the UK FLexercise display team that traveled to South Africa. At 22 I started my teacher training, with Mum right by my side as one of the tutors.

Once qualified I was asked by the training group to become a tutor and I have recently trained 3 students. I now teach two classes a week in the Midlands and absolutely love it! My job is so rewarding, and the organisation is like a family, the training team support and guide you every step of the way. Times have changed since Mum trained, courses are very flexible with online learning so you can easily fit it around your already busy life.

Our Passion

FLexercise has been a big part of our lives, this organisation allows us to do something we are very passionate about. It’s made even more special that we get the opportunity to do this together. We have a closer relationship as we are able to have time together at the teacher’s courses, events, and celebrations. 

This has and will continue to be a truly an amazing experience, we both love the fitness, fun and friendship the organisation allows us to have.

If you have a passion to teach exercise go to our ‘Become a Teacher‘ page on our website.

Wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!