Lockdown teaching – experiences of an FLexercise teacher

Lockdown was the dread of all FLexercise teachers. How would we cope with keeping our participants fit and continue to earn a living? How would FLexercise HQ deal with lockdown? What would they do?

It has all been something of a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows since lockdown started. We asked Margaret Cutting from the social media team to share her story and help you understand just how hard it has been to juggle so many plates in the air.

Margaret’s story

lockdown teachingAlmost 12 weeks since lockdown and the stress of constantly teaching on zoom and Facebook has certainly reared its ugly head this week.

I was reeling from the indignity of age-related isolation when this all started. I had promised my classes we would go on despite everything but it came to a sudden stop. So when I was asked to be part of the Social Media team I jumped with both feet and didn’t think of the consequences.

It’s hard, working in front of a Facebook screen not knowing if anyone is there. Are you talking to yourself? Then a comment. Great, I am not alone. But a teachers instinct is to correct and modify as they go along and that’s not possible now. You don’t know the ability of your class, so how do you pitch it? My style is different to my colleagues. How do the public perceive that? And in 15 minutes what can you teach? And there is Power Music to fathom. So much to assimilate in a very short time.

Plus the zoom classes for my own members. We have had to learn ourselves and teach others at the same time. How to keep class fresh since some come in every day? To mute or not to mute, where to place the speaker. Am I loud enough? Can people see my feet and hands? oh and don’t forget to stand where you don’t hit the light fitting. Sort the screen so the banner wording is readable. Can I see everyone sufficiently to be able to correct them and can you do floor work? And again the dreaded Power Music!

But only a tiny fraction of class members zoom, so how do you keep in contact with the rest? Some have email addresses for monthly newsletters and exercise sheets, but a great number are snail mail. It all takes time.

However, as FLexercise teachers we are embracing this new world and trying to cater for all our class members needs in the way best for them and dare I say it, deep down we are enjoying the challenge.

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