Let’s Dance – FLexercise Teachers Jill & Alison

Do you love to dance? It doesn’t take much to get us up and dancing! All we need is a little music and we are up on the floor making some shapes! When we were asked to choreograph an item for the FLexercise 90th Birthday celebrations in Bath, we were absolutely thrilled.

Dance like no one’s watching

Firstly, we decided on music. We wanted a nice upbeat tempo and a tune that the audience and performers would recognise and want to move to. Finding the right piece of music can take weeks of research, however, it wasn’t long before we both agreed on the iconic 80’s track ‘What a Feeling’ from the film Flash Dance.
It was such fun choreographing our routine. The words are really uplifting and inspiring, you can’t help but tap your feet and get up and dance! We spent a few afternoons together over the summer and it always ended up with us dancing around the garden in a pair of leg warmers and reliving the 1980’s. The neighbours must have thought we were bonkers!

Looking back to the 1980’s

The tune ‘What a Feeling’ made us think back to not just the music of the 80’s but the clothes, tape players and of course fitness. Back then leg warmers and lycra were all the craze. Mr Motivator was on our TV and lots of celebrities started to release their own exercise videos. ‘The Fitness League’ as we were formally known as was going strong. We were keeping up with the exercise trends and promoting health and wellbeing in classes all around UK.

Since September of last year, lots of us have been getting together to rehearse for this year’s show. It’s been so much fun and we cannot wait to perform our routine with the Southern teachers and members.

Finally, we’d like to say a big thanks to the organisation, it’s not often you get given the opportunity to choreograph and perform in theatres around the country. The 28th of March is going to be a memorable day.

Tickets can be booked directly on the Bath Forums website