Make walking part of your daily exercise routine.

Martin and I have always loved walking and we got our children out walking with us at a very young age.  It was part of the daily routine as when you have a dog that’s just what you ‘do’. Our grandchildren now follow in their parents’ footsteps. Isn’t it lovely that they can get fresh air and exercise together?

Walking makes you feel so much better

Whatever the weather and however you are feeling, get out there, get your legs moving and breathe the fresh air.  Just half an hour of walking at a decent speed sets you up for the day ahead. It’s lovely to see the seasons change. I find everything is at its best early in the morning.


We have always had a love of walkingMartin is a Gold Assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The chance to be in the New Forest, Welsh mountains, on Dartmoor or in the Yorkshire Dales, meeting young people, is a passion for him. I love the cheerfulness of all the groups, enjoying the freedom and challenge of a DofE award. It’s a privilege to support them and they inevitably say at the end how much they have enjoyed it and are so glad they took up the challenge.

Walking for Charity

Walking for charityOver the last couple of years, Martin and I tested ourselves with two three-day charity walks of 20 miles each day for the Army Benevolent Fund. The first walk in 2017 was along the front line of the Somme in France. The second walk last year followed the last 100 days of the 1st World War.  Although it wasn’t easy, in our 60’s and having done a bit of training, we accomplished both walks with no problem. It was surprising to see how many of our fellow walkers suffered from blisters and aches and pains despite being decades younger than us. My view is, even if you do nothing else, walk every day if you can. With a Fitbit or step counter you can challenge yourself daily. It was good to see our steps well above 40,000 each day.

Free Exercise

Now that Martin is retired (well sort-of) our walks are a chance to chat about our plans, problems or just day to day life. Sometimes we walk in silence for ages, each with our own thoughts.  Other times we thrash out the solution to something and go home ready to put it into action. Occasionally I walk alone and that’s good too. Sorting out your own thoughts, walking at your own speed and going as far and wherever you want.

Walking is free exercise so whether it’s in the country or the town make the most of it.  It helps you become more aware of what is going on around you and involves you in local life. We are fit. I know my FLexercise classes play a big part in that. Dig out your trainers and start to make a habit of walking yourselves. We thoroughly recommend it.


Sue King

May 2019