Melody’s Kitchen

I’m delighted to invite you into my kitchen to share some of my favourite recipes!

I’m Melody and I have been a FLexercise teacher for 23 years. I’ve been married to Alan for over 40 years (gulp), have three children and 5 grandchildren, the youngest only weeks old. IMG 4007 (1)

I’ve been cooking all my life; first starting with my Mum in our farmhouse kitchen, cooking on a solid fuel stove. My sister Mandy and I were able to cook the Sunday roast between us at the ages of 10 and 11. One of us doing the roast and the other cooking the pud. I loved making cakes and always baked and decorated my own birthday cake, something that carried on into my adult life when I ran a small cake decorating business for about 20 years, baking and decorating all sorts of celebration cakes; my favourite being children’s birthday cakes as you can let your imagination run riot!

Just the two of us

Nowadays, I generally only have to cook for two of us and to be honest after 40 years, cooking has become a bit of a chore. I find that to really enjoy it now I must be organised. It helps to know what I’m going to cook every day otherwise I will dip into the freezer and find that packet of frozen battered fish and chips. So in the ideal week, I have made a list of what I’m going to cook and will have bought the ingredients ready. I have to admit quite often I go back to the freezer. We can’t all be Superwoman!

Ever mindful these days of wastage, I try to be creative with leftovers. Also, I try to remember to freeze that leftover portion of Shepherd’s Pie or Spag Bol (note to self; must remember to label things in the freezer!)

Over the coming months, I’ll share some of my recipes with you. Some will be old favourites, most will be speedy; hopefully, all will be yummy! During this time I hope I will rekindle my love of cooking. Hopefully, you will gain a few tried and tested recipes you can use again and again!

Foodie Friday Fairy Cakes

Happy cooking!

Melody x