Member of the Month Judy Sarsaam avoids joint replacements

At FLexercise we like to celebrate our members

FLexercise’s Member of the Month is Judy Sarsaam. Judy certainly has a positive mental attitude! Which is why we’ve chosen her as our member of the month. She shares with us how exercising with FLexercise has helped her overcome some health issues.

For over thirty years I’ve been thoroughly enjoying FLexercise classes. I’ve been happily taking advantage of the member camaraderie let alone the maintenance of fitness. The name of the organisation may have changed but the huge value of the teaching has not. Group Exercise-Depression-Mental Health

I’ve had a rather bumpy medical history exacerbated by a genetic condition which has affected my neurology and now caused my loss of vision. As my sight has deteriorated over the years not only the teachers but the class members have always been considerate, understanding and helpful.

Flexercise encourages their members

For me, the benefit of being a member and attending regular classes has recently been underlined as it seemed that my medical consultants were considering that I should have a hip replacement and shoulder surgery. So far and with the encouragement of physiotherapists, I have managed to avoid both operations. I have done this by methodically and gradually doing daily exercises learnt from FLexercise.

I thought I knew the value of regular exercise. But really I had not fully understood that by strengthening appropriate muscles they could be encouraged to take over the work of damaged ones.IMG 0946 If you have strong muscles this helps to support a worn joint. My recent experience has underlined the value of skilled FLexercise teachers who have patiently guided and taught me and so many others over many years.

I am now 76 years young! The knowledge gleaned from those precious classes has been invaluable. So thank you to the organisation. They have taught an unathletic and poorly coordinated woman the exercises and knowledge which has enabled me to progress to the present, operation free situation. I admit to being astonished at the body’s ability to adapt and other muscles able to take over the functions of defunct ones; that would not have happened for me though without the knowledge gleaned at the classes.

Keep your body supple and strong with FLexercise

Everyone is unique of course. I’m hoping that by sharing my success, others in a similar situation as mine, will also be inspired. Before you consider replacement joints perhaps look at taking on a regular exercise routine. Along with the help of a physiotherapist, you might be able to either avoid or put off surgery for a little longer. If replacement joints are really necessary, recovery is much more rapid if the muscles around the joint are strong. This is why I continue to do specific exercises with weights to strengthen the muscles around my joints.

So well done to all those teachers over all those years and a great big very grateful thank you. Art Blur Card 791024

Remember whenever you embark on a new exercise regime always consult with your GP first.