Inspirational FLexercise member Jose Waller

There’s only one word for this lady – Inspirational!

We’d like to share with you an inspirational FLexercise member. Her name is Jose Waller and we have chosen her as our April Member of the Month.

Jose was born April 16th, 1922, and she has led an amazing life running marathons. Her results, 36 records in total speak for themselves. Here are just a few of her incredible achievements.

Jose’s first London Marathon was in 1986 she was 64 and she came second in the over 60’s and clocked 4:18 minutes. The following year she broke the British women’s record for over 65’s in 3:46:25 seconds. FB IMG 1522349868637She broke the world record for a 4k in 19:38 seconds. In 1988, aged 66 she broke the world marathon record in 3:35:49 seconds and broke the world records for 5k and 10k. Then in 1989, she broke the world half marathon in 1:42:59 seconds.

Jose keeps running

It didn’t stop there. In 1990 at the London Marathon she was the first woman over aged 68 to finish with a time of 3:39:29 seconds. In the 1991 London Marathon, she was the first women over 69 to finish. The same year, she went to the World Championships in Turku, Finland and won the marathon, 5,000 metres and 10,000 metres.  At aged 70, she broke the world marathon record for the over 70’s at Gosport, Hampshire. Her time was 3:52:9 seconds. Believe it or not, these are just a few of her records!

So how is that Jose can run these distances in later years? Is it down to genetics? Lifestyle? It’s probably a combination of different things. There was a time when running in our older age was considered crazy. Now more and more men and women in their 90’s are showing us with the right training they can continue to run into old age.

This Woman is an inspiration to us all

She also broke the world over 70’s record for the 5,000 metres. Along with the 10 mile, 10k and 25k road races. 1992 also saw her break the world marathon for the over 70’s in New York, at the time the record stood at 4:41 minutes. Josie did it in a time of 3:57:8 seconds. At the age of 75, she took the marathon and half marathon records as well as various other British records.

There are many inspirational women within our FLexercise community and they all have amazing stories to tell. Jose completed her last London marathon at the age of 82! She has been a non-stop FLexercise member since 2005. Jose’s story confirms you’re never too old to start exercising and whatever your age enjoy it! Go to our website today and find a class near you.IMG 20180329 WA0001 1