Members are the Lifeforce of our Community

Our class members don’t just stay with us they encourage their friends along to. Chen Ru from Sutton tells us how she was introduced to FLexercise.

It was about 15 years ago when my friend Danju invited me to watch her perform at The Royal Albert Hall. I’ll always remember the number of people involved and the colourful display at the center of the stage! Danju was always encouraging me to join FLexercise but it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I finally started my exercise classes with Margaret McAllister.

At the moment the weekly exercise with Margaret is the only proper exercise I do. It’s the only time I give my body the full attention it needs as I work in an office in front of a computer three days a week, so keeping mobile and fit is really important to me. I love the music Margaret chooses for class, she is very encouraging and inspiring, the whole experience is so enjoyable!

When I first joined FLexercise, I was so surprised to hear that some of the members had been exercising with Margaret for over 40 years, and it was marvelous to know that this year is going to be the 90th anniversary of FLexercise. The celebration in Bath is going to be fantastic.

The Team

In September 2019, Margaret started to teach some of the members a mass routine and an item called ‘Medium Swings’. It seemed difficult to start with, there seemed so many movements to remember. It was a real challenge to remember them in the correct order! But as time goes by, and with all the extra tuition Margaret and other teachers gave to us over a few weekends, we started to make progress and everything fits into place! I’m so looking forward to the Bath event, almost the same as looking forward to Christmas! But like Christmas, the building up to it is more valuable to me.

We are a close supportive team, always helping each other out in rehearsals. It’s wonderful to be a part of it and watching Margaret’s showpiece develop. All the members feel that sense of achievement whenever we make progress! By being involved in rehearsals I got to know all the other lovely members. They are all very warm and welcoming, and I cherish all the new friends I have made.

Recently Margaret lent me the very first edition of  ‘Movement is Life’ the FLexercise history and heritage is so inspiring.  I’m feeling so proud to be part of an incredible organisation.