Men, High Blood Pressure and Exercise.

High Blood Pressure is a major issue in the western world. Why is that? Chronic stress, excess baggage, lack of exercise are all known culprits. Although we tend to associate it with the over fifties, younger people can develop it too and it affects both men and women.

How can you help reduce high blood pressure?

If you’re taking part in regular moderate cardiovascular exercise you can safely help reduce high blood pressure. Do you play golf? Walk the dog? Take the stairs or the lift? Do you think that’s enough?

The Government guidelines suggest you should be doing 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

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We suggest you always seek medical advice before starting any exercise programme. If it’s been a while since you’ve done any physical activity then why not start with a gentle daily walk. As your fitness improves you can gradually increase the intensity. You will have more energy, it will lower your blood pressure and it’s a great way to ease stress, feel better and get some fresh air.


What happens in a Men’s or mixed FLexercise class?

At our FLexercise classes we will teach you how to safely exercise your heart, lungs, and your whole body. And most importantly, explaining how the work personally benefits you. high blood pressure reductionOur Instructors use loads of musical styles, and our aerobic routines will soon become familiar. You may also have the opportunity to do team exercises and games to engage the brain as well as the body and a great laugh is guaranteed.

Our classes are friendly

At FLexercise you will meet like-minded people who don’t like exercising in a gym which can be sterile lonely and depressing. Our group exercise classes have a friendly feel, there’s no pressure to be competitive or to be the best. We are real people who offer real support and we really care about our class members. 075A6738 19 1500 763 2

So if you’re worried about your blood pressure you can make some simple changes and work towards a healthier you. Why not try a TV free night? You can get off your mobile and get mobile! Have you tried walking meetings at work or regularly standing for parts of your meetings?  How about having a standing desk?  Can you use public transport rather than taking the car? or park further away from your workplace and walk?  And of course, you can come to an FLexercise class.