Minds Matter – Taking care of our mental health

Your mind matters, our own mental health is an asset we need to look after. Too often people don’t think about it until it becomes a serious problem. As FLexercise teachers we are often the ‘frontline’ support for many people with mental health affecting their lives. Our responsibility is to ‘hold’ our class and to provide a safe environment, not to discriminate or to judge. This is a tough call.

Minds Matter

As teachers, it is so important to take care of ourselves and our minds. Healthy MindsTrying to plan the perfect class with the best music is a tall order and a source of great anxiety, especially to new teachers, but we can only do what we can do, and accepting that ‘good enough’ is just fine. As they say on a plane ‘put your own mask on before helping others’. The fitness industry is a competitive world, between different types of exercise, and building class numbers is fraught with being ‘better’ than others.


What FLexercise provides is a great support network for its teachers.075A7252 39 With accessible social media platforms, such as the teacher’s Facebook page, or by picking up the phone, it is easy to get in touch with others, who will understand what you are going through. Meeting other teachers on training courses puts faces to names, and finds common ground, building friendship and a great support network. Being self-employed requires determination and resilience, and this can be knocked by insecurity and self-doubt. ‘Am I good enough?’ What if no-one comes to class?’ Standing in that exposing place at the front of a class for some can be terrifying. Sharing this fear with other teachers, who really get this goes a long way to normalize what goes on for us as individuals. After all, we are only human.

We are family

Just like the song ‘We are Family’ we care about our teachers and their wellbeing. Our teachers come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. But they do all have one thing in common, they have a passion for fitness and genuinely care about their class members. Together they have a wide life experience in the industry, which they are all willing to share, as well as being there for each other as friends in times of need. So always remember that it’s ok not to be okay and it’s ok to ask for help. And of course, it’s okay to talk about your emotions. For anyone struggling out there remember there is always help available.

The ‘Every Mind Matters‘ campaign aims to support everyone to feel more confident in taking action to look after their mental health. The quiz takes less than 3 minutes to complete and it will give you advice and self-care tips tailored to you based on your responses.