Morning Motivation with FLexercise – Viv Wass

Looking for some morning motivation?

Last year Viv Wass found us on Facebook, she had seen our 12-week challenge and thought she would give the challenges a go. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, she has been following our page and joining in with our morning live Facebook feeds.

Viv Wass

When the lockdown was announced I was supposed to be going on holiday and unfortunately my trip was cancelled. Like everyone else, it was a challenge not going out and I was looking forward to my holiday break. However, I never expected to be on a break for so long at home. I have been keeping busy doing those jobs I never get round to. I started planting plants in the garden which cheered me up but I needed something more to get me going in the morning.

Morning Motivation

Then the FLexercise 10@10 on Facebook popped up. What a saviour! I teach seated exercise and tai chi and I was missing my own class participants and my exercise. Every day I look forward to the FLexercise at-home sessions. It’s reassuring knowing that the teachers are really well trained and they care about the wellness and safety of all the online participants. The team plays a great mix of music from latin vibes to classical waltzes.

For me, the lockdown has been hard as I’m on my own. However, seeing the lovely, smiley happy faces of the FLexercise team makes me feel less lonely. I can honestly say you all have the X factor! Though sessions are mostly 10/15 minutes long it’s still a really good workout. At the end, I always feel more motivated, more flexible, and less stiff.  Every teacher has a positive caring attitude and a great sense of humour. What I find amazing is all the people coming in from different parts of the UK and overseas.

Wake and Shake

My favourite part of the live Facebook feeds is the posture, swing and sway sections. The morning motivation sessions really wake me up and it cheers me up and gets me going for the day. If I can’t manage the 10 am (10@10) I go back into the FLexercise Facebook page later in the day and catch up.

If you haven’t tried it out I would highly recommend looking at their Facebook Page. Maybe I’ll see you on there sometime.