Mothers and Daughters – Time Together

Unfortunately, due to the situation we are all in this years Race for Life was cancelled. We asked mum and daughter duo Phillipa and Jess Porritt about their experience in taking part in this brilliant event.

A few years ago my youngest daughter Jess and I decided to challenge ourselves to the 5K Race for life. Not only was it raising money for a great cause but we are both asthmatics. Mine a lot more severe that hers, and I had never taken part in any sort of race before. Jess was in her Gap year before Uni, and having recently injured her knee was on low impact exercise, so she said she would accompany me.

Being both a FLexercise teacher and a Nordic Walking Instructor I decided that I would use my Nordic poles to get me round the course. On the day we dressed up in my pink FLexercise t-shirts and headed on down to take part.

The atmosphere was fantastic, there was a Zumba style warm up to kick off the event. There was such a party atmosphere; Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities were there. Everyone set off together, some running, some jogging and some walking. Nordic poles can really assist with speed, so we were power walking! And we felt pretty chuffed as we certainly weren’t the last across the finish line by a long chalk.

It was a fantastic experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the day. We both really felt a sense of achievement as we had also raised over £200 in sponsorship for such a worthy charity. It was great fun and a wonderful bonding experience and I do hope we can do something similar in the future.