Movement is Life – Diabetes and Exercise

The increasing number of people with Type 2 diabetes continues to challenge the NHS and the rest of the world. UK Chief Medical Officers guidelines state that physical activity can reduce your chance of Type 2 diabetes by up to 40%, as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, joint and back pain, depression and dementia.  So let’s look at moving, the less time you spend sitting down the better it is for your health.

Getting active

One of the problems we have is that technology has evolved so people don’t even need to leave their desks. Lots of occupations these days are sedentary, so people need to look at what they’re doing on a daily basis and how they can increase their physical activity levels. If you can walk to work then walk. Buy a bike and get cycling.Ge cycling. Diabetes prevention Perhaps get off the tube or bus stop one or two stops earlier and walk the rest of your journey. What can you do during your lunch hour? Make a decision, that from now on you’ll take the stairs rather than taking the lift.

Low-calorie weight management programmes

You may have seen on the TV or read in the media that there has been an exciting breakthrough in how Type 2 diabetes could be treated in the future. Studies and research have proven that a low-calorie diet can put peoples Type 2 diabetes into remission. If you’re thinking about trying a low-calorie diet, it’s really important you speak to your GP and get referred to a dietitian. This is to make sure you get tailored advice and support.

Why is exercise important for someone with diabetes?

Unlike medication, exercise is low cost and side effect free. Those with diabetes who don’t exercise are three times more likely to have poor diabetes control and more likely to suffer related complications. Exercising regularly improves sensitivity to the body’s own insulin and the body becomes better at transporting glucose. This happens because exercise stimulates the body’s muscles.

Make a list of fun activities. You have lots of options, and you don’t have to go to a gym. What sounds good? Think about something you’ve always wanted to try or something you enjoyed in the past.take up dancing, prevention- diabetes Take up a sport, or try dancing, yoga, walking, and swimming. These are a few ideas. Anything that raises your heart rate counts.

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease.

Many people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes know they need to make some modifications in their lives.

Maureen from Oxford joined FLexercise back in 2016 and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Changing her lifestyle was a priority and she was determined to get on top of her diabetes.

Memeber Maureen with Type 2 Diabetes
FLexercise Teacher Lucinda with Member Maureen

So as well as attending her weekly FLexercise class in Temple Cowley, Oxford she has also decided to take up cycling and walking. Building this up over the last few months has boosted how her body uses insulin. Maureen said ‘I realised with the challenge of having diabetes I needed to change my lifestyle. I’m determined to stick to a good diet. Cutting out the carbs and starch and exercising is a way of life for me now. The support of attending group exercise makes it so much fun to workout with friends’.

So take care of your body, it’s never too late to start exercising. Our classes are sociable, fun and friendly. Click here to find a FLexercise class near you.