Mowing the lawn. Functional Fitness

Mowing the lawn is a tedious yet necessary gardening task. Grass just keeps on growing. Some people own herbivorous animals who do the job. Sadly, for most of us, the lawnmower is the only option.

In this episode of Functional Fitness, Marcus shows you a great exercise for starting the mower. Clearly, not everyone has a petrol mower. However, this exercise is great for arm strengthening, balance and most importantly, core. So why not give it a go?  You can always pretend your mower is petrol-powered. For this exercise you will need a resistance band, some space and a bit of imagination.


Once you’ve mastered the starting the mower exercise you have a choice. You can start your real mowing, or indulge in some virtual mowing instead.

Here are a few tips to remember, regardless of whether you’re doing real or imaginary lawn care. Most of them will be familiar to you from your FLexercise class.

  • Stand tall
  • Keep your tummy in and shoulders back and down.
  • Pull up your pelvic floor and keep your stride long.
  • Walk at a steady pace and enjoy the exercise.
  • Sit in your garden chair and survey the freshly mown greensward.

As always, there are safety tips to be observed. Mowing the lawn isn’t without its hazards.


Finally, why not sip a small something whilst congratulating yourself on a job well done.

Alternatively, you could persuade someone to do the mowing for you. Whilst the exercise is good for you, there must be better ways to spend an afternoon.

Happy mowing.