Our network of friendships are coming together.

Why are our friendships so important to us?

I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be without mine. Over the years we invest time in our friendships. FLexercise has the most incredible network of friendships I’ve ever seen! Having a good social life and a connection with other people is indeed as important as regular exercise.


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Taking care of your soul is just as important as looking after your body. Almost every one of our classes has a social element. Our members get together and have a coffee after class. Some have monthly get-togethers at each other’s houses or go out for drinks.

As well as Regional members days we have FLexercise fitness weekenders. It’s never surprising to us when we hear stories of support and kindness. Our community factor is second to none. In a word, we are like one big family.

In March, FLexercise members will be gathering together in Malvern for a weekend of friendship and fun! So what do we have planned? A morning of lively classes, a fabulous show and a Gala Banquet!  There’s no doubt our class members will be catching up with each other and generally having a great time.

What is Glenda mostly looking forward to?

Glenda from Worcester tells us how much she is looking forward to performing in the show. And most of all catching up with her friends.

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‘I’m delighted to be performing at The Malvern Festival Theatre, it’s a beautiful venue.  Straightway the visitors will be impressed with our beautiful Worcestershire countryside and Malvern itself.

I live in Worcestershire, not far from Malvern, so it’s an ideal location for me. And it means that my daughter can bring my ninety-three-year-old mother to see the show.

FLexercise classes keep us fit and active. But additionally, there is a wonderful camaraderie between class members. FLexercise is one big family.

The Malvern weekend gives us the opportunity to meet up with friends we have performed and socialised with over many years.  And the atmosphere on the March 2nd will be absolutely incredible.

We have all been practising really hard to be ready for the event. I just hope that Malvern is ready for the onslaught of masses of enthusiastic FLexercise members.  Here’s  to a wonderful weekend!’

So to sum it up friendships are important to all of us. Who knows, you could make some new friends and at the same time get fit!